He's okay ser,...


My first comic.

not a comic but okay

haha funny

Okay, maybe i put it the wrong category.


it’s sir.

Pretty funny

It’s a one-panel comic.

made me giggle a bit, ill be remembering that for today funnys get me through the boring college days you see

Not bad.

The idea is funny, but it’s not a comic. It’s just a screenshot with some text. Could use some more panels for it to be called a comic.

Update: fix


S i r?

I actually found that ‘ser’ typo made it more funny than just putting ‘sir’ even if it wasn’t intentional.

It aint a comic but its kinda funny.
An advice for further pics, don’t use PAINT to make your speech bubbles, use GIMP(Free), Paint.net(Free i think) or Photoshop(Paid).

Where do i get GIMP?

Google maybe?

Thank you

You can also find thousands of tutorials for GIMP on the internet, on the first thread of this section or in Youtube. Try not to post your first edited pics lol, wait till you feel they are good, and then show them on public.