Heterochromic Male_03 on the job.

Lol first time rifle posing.

Inb4 "Don’t use that blood"

Forgot to put clips on the ground. :saddowns:

This is music from Fist of the North Star.

Quite unrelated.

When using a rifle don’t forget people stand at an angle

He has red and purple eyes.

What is he, Superpimp?

You didn’t notice Heterochromic in the title?

Like David Bowie.


… only he’s not black and involved in firefights.

Is he bitting the clip? I dont think hes mouth is enough big to keep it there(I mean that clip is really big)…
Also nice first posing on the rifles, first time I tried to pose I didnt even knew about no collide to pose them,
So you can imagine how suxy they were…


Well the posing is ok but why does the guy have red eyes?

Because I went in GIMP and gave them to him.

Heterochromic =/= Superpimp