Hex a cube? (Or tell me how?)

Is there some sort of tut on hexing skins for props or is there anyone who would be willing to do it for me?

I’ve NEVER tried it, but…I think if you just save all the needed files, well, Heres an example. Lets say you’re reskinning “chair.mdl”. I think you would take the MDL file, rename it “Chair2.mdl” (or whatever you wanna name it), and do the same thing with the textures.

No, It must be named with exactly the same letters as original, so it would be something like “Ch4ir.mdl”
Then you need to open the .mdl file in a text editor, or a hex editor and name it “Ch4ir.mdl” and go to the bottom to change the texture path.


I’d put mine aswell but it seems to have ceased to exist :open_mouth: