Hex a TF2 halloween prop

Since halloween is approaching, I wanted to prepare a halloween event on my garry’s mod server. One of the things I was going to add was a hat for my server. Since it’s halloween, I decided on a jack o lantern. The only good jack o lantern models are within tf2, and alot of people on my server don’t have tf2. So I was hoping I could add a hexed model to my server so they all could see the hat for halloween. Here’s the model I want hexed: models\props_halloween\jackolantern_01.mdl
I tried it myself, but it just appears as an nil effect.

Contact Jason278, he’s a god for this kinda stuff.

I tried, he always offline and the one time I actually contacted him, he went offline immediately afterward. He must not like me :\

Its not that I hate you, most of the time I log on its to test a small something, then I’m off to do something else

Anyways you said the model is an effect, like with the green circle? I can give it physics

The model im trying to hex isn’t an effect, it’s an actual model. I was just saying when I tried to hex it, it appeared as an effect with no model/effect or anything. It’s pretty much a green circle after I “tried” to hex it. The model + materials I want hexed should be within steamapps/team fortress 2 content.gcf and team fortress 2 materials.gcf. Let me know if you could hex it and if I need to upload anything.