HEX - Dark Fantasy Arena

Current Version: v2.0a

HEX is a gamemode project I’ve been working on since June which is somewhat inspired by arena shooters like Unreal Tournament and retro fast-paced shooters like Heretic / Hexen. It’s still in a very early state and I’ve hardly added any content, however I’m confident enough with the core gamemode to move onto creating more maps, gametypes, weapons and overall improvements. I’m hoping to receive some feedback as well as undergo copious amounts of public bug testing, with all of your help.

**Download HEX for free on GitHub! **https://github.com/Demonkush/hex

Keep track of smaller updates and show your support by joining the official Steam Group! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/hexgm

Persistent Rank, Titles and Stats
Round System and Rewards
Gametype Voting, Mapvote and RTV
Status Effect / Buff System
Elemental Damage
Interactive Map Objects and Item Drops
Dynamic and Magical Weaponry
Multiple gametypes to choose from ( Skirmish, Team Skirmish, Elder, Greed )
Killstreaks / Bounties / Paydays ( Depends on gametype )

It’s a simple shooter gamemode with a third person viewpoint, you just shoot and kill for the most part. Some gametypes require 2 or more people to start, and can have unique objectives or team play. Every weapon is a magic weapon that uses mana as ammo. Every weapon has a Primary and a Secondary attack which function differently based on how much mana you have or if you are “Overpowered”.

Your equipment consists of one weapon and one item which for now are purchased from the shop menu via F2. The current menu layout: F1- Character Info | F2- Shop Menu | F3- Settings. You can view the attack names for each weapon by clicking on them in the shop menu.

Feel free to ask any questions about something I didn’t cover. I’ll eventually add a helpful in-game tutorial / guide at one point.

Left Mouse - Primary Ability
Right Mouse - Use Equipped Item
Reload ( Default: R ) - Drop Equipment ( Item first then weapon )
Use ( Default: E ) - Interact / Pickup

/rtv - Rock the vote!
/mapvote - Brings back up the mapvote menu after closing it.



Demonkush - Mapping, Lua, some graphics for UI / particles
Heretic / Hexen - Some degree of inspiration.
Warcraft - Using some sound effects from the games, some weapon models, good deal of influence from the games as well.
Morrowind - Using weapon models from a model pack.
Crashlemon - Some useful lua and for always being such a great friend
017 - Created some models for me, ported some WoW models like guns / crossbows
Xeno-cide - Created a landmine model.
XMPStudios - For supporting me and allowing me to host my selfish projects on their box. www.xmpstudios.com

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It isn’t really is it…
It is just a word meaning “to cast a spell”. And it sounds like a good name for it.
The person just so chose to call himself hex.

On a more related note, this looks fking amazing man. It’s not my cup-of-tea but, damn it looks pretty god damn impressive. The most impressive thing I’ve seen in a long time. It actually looks like it is a stand alone MMO.

Found better

Looks awesome, sad that the server browser will fuck it over

Updated HEX to v2.0a, one of the biggest updates so far!
**You can connect to the server at: **

Main Changes
• New Gametypes ( Scavenger, Mountain Man )
• New Weapons and Weapon System ( 7 total weapons )
• New Crests
• Powerups
• New Map: hex_crag

Changelog on XMPStudios: http://www.xmpstudios.com/threads/hex.1129/#post-8248

Plans for the next update include a new gametype called Voidwalker, and new weapons/items. I hope to get more team based gametypes made as well.

For those interested, somewhere down the road I’ll get HEX publicly released on Github but for now I’m hosting it privately.

Welp, it’s been a little over a year but I’ve finally released HEX to the public! It’s in a somewhat unfinished state, but it’s still playable.

Go download it on GitHub! https://github.com/Demonkush/hex

Contact me if you have trouble setting it up or would like to know how to modify it.