Hex (LMS) Model Request/Search

This is Hex from an art series called Last Man Standing, A model off him used to exist back in the day for garry’s mod, so it may still be lurking on someones machine. I’ve searched frequently for it and found nothing.


Anyone know where to still find this model or better yet, any talented young chap feels like creating this model?

Good luck, I love all the character designs of LMS, especially Gabriel. I recently had someone model the armor for me for my own purposes. As for the helmet of this fellow it looks like you could take the Arkham Knight model of the Red Hood and edit the textures to pull this off.

Gabriels a badass! The shape isn’t difficult It’s just the skin really. I would have a go myself but I wouldn’t know where to start.

Is bumping allowed? I guess I’ll find out

start? google “free suit 3d model” or something. maybe decompile the red hood. get those models in a modelling tool. rig that to gmod’s valve skeleton. get the scale done. export. compile with gmod player animations. and a default human collision model setup. you could rip that from another model. for the skin you’ll need a bit of painting skillz to get the selfillum bits on the suit texture. the head looks like it only needs a custom cubemap to get that sort of chromed effect. it’s a lil bit of work but should do it. you can do that? :slight_smile:

couple of months late, but If someone or the op still wants it, i can upload it and share it to you via dropbox.