hex my magnum pi?

i used frosts sheet and a facemap made by lt_commander. i asked commander but i cant find frost but i dont think he’ll mind.
as some of you may know i made a request for this but nobody did it so ive been looking for suitable materials
could you upload it to mediafire?




**I have made it explicitly clear that in ALL situations, any of my personal models, or anything I create, or anything I fucking touch is not to be modified.

So yes, I fucking mind, and I request you take down the link and use a different model.**

You also totally fucked up the VMTs and failed the hex completely.

Nice Job Chop, you fucked up the skin and pissed off the guy who made the model.

So smooth.


People like you are the reason we need to get rid of that emote.

:slight_smile: And people like ChopStix needs to ask people to use their things before doing anything.

ok ok jesus fucking christ dont freak out


yeah well mind your own fucking business this doesnt concern you random asshole


i dont fucking know how to contact him dumbass

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming. Last chance, you've been banned enough." - Benji))

Wow, why aren’t you perma’d?

Well you could have asked others if they knew where he was or w/e his facepunch name was. That’s what I call “Thinking.”

And he has a right to freak out on your ass because your lazy ass couldn’t even be nice to ask.

This isn’t freaking out. This is me, royally pissed that you were too fucking lazy to go find out who I was and message me. This is me, royally pissed that you continued to mess with my god damned personal model without asking. This is me, royally pissed that you thought you could get away with it.


Frost is the one that showed me the thread, and if you couldn’t contact him then you’re really fucking lazy. It’s not hard to find him.

Oh and getting all pissed and flipping out is really gonna get leb to give you his permission to use it, especially saying he’s overreacting to it.

i think ill just ignore this threadhave fun with useless typing losers

Wow that’s really immature of you. Get a life kid. Stop making useless requests when no ones going to do shit for you now.