Hex my skin?

I want my skin to not conflict with s-low’s model. Preferably having it so I don’t have to go through browse, and have it’s own spawn icon etc. The model also has better phys. If anyone can do it then reply here and I’ll PM you the file. I don’t wanna put a download link for public yet cause people will just take it and not bother hexing. Thanks.

Yea I could do that for you, which one did you use CS:S or GMod?


Any progress?

Working on it, tried to recompile it instead of hexing it as it should be technically easier (also allows me to add anims for NPC use and means its harder for people to claim your work as theirs) but somethings screwy with it :S

btw what have you changed on the skin exactly?

Decompiling can break models, you know. Like eyelids on citiizens.

This one is decompiled fine, its the one Jason used to make the Harley playermodels (he sent me his decompiled files).

It can still have the same problem, no matter who decompiled the model.

The colours, some textures and bumpmaps

This was before the reskin.

Right got it working, you’d named the slow folder S-Low which confused me for a bit but I got it sorted ^^

I’ve also put in player and NPC animations and the player animation file its is using is the female cs_fix i’ve made (as a test, but it works nicely and there is a difference if not very clear at first):

The NPC doesn’t work quite right though I think there’s something I need to remove from the QC for the gun to be in the right place.

Edit: Forgot about your better phys file i’ll have to replace the other one ^^

Edit 2: Also the finger and eye posing are fully intact

:o awesome

Hmmm, the gun issue. Look in the QC and see if there is something called

 $ikchain ikclip ValveBiped.weapon_bone_Clip knee 0.707 -0.707 0.000

If there is nothing like that in the QC, then IDK what the prob is

Nope thats not it, thats the first thing I looked for :S

Aw, then I don’t know what the issue is. Maybe PM Shotgunguy, maybe he knows

Wow that is one flexible collision model ^^Gonna try a different kind of NPC see if its something up with the base ones and CS:S skeletons (as I had this issue with the Niko model aswell)

Edit: Tried making a cs_fix for the female NPC anims but it didn’t make any difference :frowning:

Well I have no idea what i can do about the NPC anims but everything else is done and fine. I’ve also made it into a full addon with a spawnlist (and includes all the extra stuff needed and a credits file), want me to upload it?

Just noticed this. I was assuming that it would work as his recompiled ones work, which it happens it does ^^

Yeah, thanks alot :slight_smile:

There you go :smiley: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?p=17361022#post17361022 (hope you were ok with me putting it there :S)


Awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

np :smiley: