Hexed Country Combine!

._. yes.

I know there’s already a pack, but that was for like, 2007, and it was made when GMod 10 was in beta D: and it doesn’t work due to engine update.

Anyways, I was hoping someone would do a hexing mania of the Combine (only the Elite, Soldier and Metrocop please, but if you want you can also do a reskinned chopper for the Soviet union :3:)

Here you go:


Soviet Union


United States of America


United Kingdom







Europe (Large Image)

European combine would be INTERESTING to see. I’m surprised we haven’t gotten this.
Soviet Union flag for reasons.

Post if you have anything to say. Seriously, just post :frown:

I would really love this to be done, so please, do it.
I’m also giving you a FEW, yes, that’s a FEW combine nation flags :smiley:
Basically, each combine will be the main colour of the flag, and have the flag on their backs (HQ if possible :frown:)

Like for example:
Germany, a grey colour with the flag on the back. (Grey due to Flag colours lulz)
Italy, dark green with the flag on the back (Italy’s has a light green colour)
Old-Russia, Red with the flag on the back (it’s a red background with the main flag in yellow, doesn’t matter lol)

Thank’s for listenin;.

I think I’ll give the commie combine a go first thing in the morning.
Interesting prospect.

There is a Russian one on FPSbanana I think but its down

I want new hexed combine, though, because then we at least know that we have up-to-date ones :smiley:

Most old Country Combine are broken.


This is my video

I wanted to make an advert through pictures, but a single picture with FiLtEr rApE didn’t work, so I was hoping to use multi-pics of the Commie Combine taking over things a8wgwgajnt955 so I could make a better video.

Tell me, is that video good?
It’s not, I tell you :sax:

You workin’ on this?

Shadow, are you workin’ my boy :fuckyou::buddy:?

Oh, sorry, yea. I’m working on it. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything like this.


Alright, here the soldier skin is. I forgot to hex it. I’ll have to do that tomorrow morning. Tell me what to do with this one and I’ll fix it for you before it’s hexed.

It’s hard to fix problems if you don’t tell me what they are.

His padding could be red with the soviet sickle thing there…

Hey, nice skin, can you make a request?

Can you make a dark dark grey and black camo combine soldier skin, with the Communist symbol? That would make my day :smiley:

Also can you make it have red eyes?

part 1

part 2


italy isn’t this pack