Hexed DeLisle Silent Carbine

This is a request I’ve been trying to get done for a very long time, and I completely forgot about it until now. But anyways, I am requesting a hexed version of this. http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/63378 . It is a very unique gun, and I was hoping that someone here would be willing to do it.

My only particular requests, apart from the hex itself, would be that the rifle have a working world model within Garry’s Mod.

EDIT: The picture was scaring people away, I gave the impression that there is nothing to work with. I’d just like to say: I’ve provided the link to the actual model above. Now, I have a vague idea of how to hex the world model (Thanks to the giant tutorial, though my success is mixed with it.), but that solves nothing of how to port the actual rifle as a SWEP.

I’m also aware that it is possible to correctly rig custom world models into Garry’s Mod, and that it is somewhat complicated, as seen by Kermite’s infinitesimally large packs of hexed FPSBanana weapons, as well as packs such as Simonov’s DOD SWEP pack and the Zombie Hunting Weapons, to name a few.

If anyone has any experience with this process, would you kindly do this, or at least attempt to do this?

TL;DR- Can’t somebody do this?