Hexed Desert and Olive Drab Apaches.

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Hexed Desert and Olive Drab Apaches.

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] Just two hexed apache’s from the Vice city Mod.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] The skill to give candy. :cow:

[tab]Download:[/tab] Below. [/release]

I realized after a long time that I didn’t have an Apache to fight against PurvisDavid’s Hind D. So I quickly hexed and assembled a desert apache and a olive drab apache. This was basically “borrowed” from the Vice City Mod. Which of course is now outdated. The apache used to replace the hunter and it literally made your hunter be a helicopter. So now I present the Gmod community with this assortment. All the credits go to Expert. All I did was skin and hex these little rascals. So here you go!

Olive drab Apache:

Desert Apache:

I’m not even claiming this as mine again all I did was hex them and skin one. Basically a recolor. These do not replace each other .





Decided to make a Black apache to match with the Black hawk from 1/4 life’s addon! The matching Black hawks will be in another thread.




Do not download the above! Here’s the fix!


I really wanted them hexed before, and these are great skins, thanks a lot :smiley:

I need an idea for a second assortment. If you want skin it yourself and send me the Vtf’s.

My Hind wants you to try. :excited:

Bring it on :dance:

Hellfire missile vs hind missiles. Who will win?

You shall fight in the comic section, with your personal skins piloting these machines. :v:

Er where do I put this? I can’t find it in the browse tab.

First of all, Hellfire missile is Air to Ground missile, and hind usually uses 9M17 Phalanga (AT-2 Swatter) or 9M114 Shturm (AT-6 Spiral) anti-tank missiles + 57-mm rocket pods. So the only way for these choppers to fight would be using machine guns/Chain guns or AA rockets like Stinger (though AA missiles are rarely used with these birds and are not on this model)

Oops didn’t notice that.

And sorry if I sounded rude, but I can’t stand people with no knowledge of what they are talking about and so on.

Anyway, is there any difference between the apache’s machine gun and the hind’s machine gun? And where do I put the apache folder in?

Apache has 30 mm M230 chain gun (gunner aims). And hind has 12.7-mm machine-gun, twin barrel 23mm gun or Fixed 30mm gun (depends what version of hind it is, Mi-24D, Mi-24V etc.)

Which is more effective? And where do I put the godamn apache folder?

The bigger the mm the more effective it is (I think, someone answer to me if I am not right), though I bet the Stalker Hind has 12.7 mm because it’s most used in hinds.

Also open apache folder, you find materials and models folder, copy materials and models to garrysmod folder.

Pic of a Mi-24P with 30mm cannon next to cockpit

Someone needs to rig this as on helicopter anims.

Also, why is it that some of my models in my browse tab appears invisible? And the hind looks like it have more rockets.

That hind has 2 AT rockets, 5.7 mm rocket pod and one grenade cannon on one side (Helicopters can have different weapon Load outs you know?)

Someone should make all choppers ragdolled so rotors could spin…

Also, this model could have better colliding…

Anyway, how do people make some props ragdoll? I want to ragdoll that blackhawk rotor. And what is the difference between using gunpods and normal cannons?

Go figure out

Also that desert skin is way too orange, it should be like sand