Hexed FN Scar-L with bodygroups

[release] Hexed FN Scar-L with bodygroups
[tab]link:[/tab] http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=104933
[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garry’s Mod
[tab]Credits:[/tab] FPSBanana for skin and model, Beat the Zombie for Hexing and bodygroups



This model is good for posing and that kind of stuff. I could make more. You can request stuff but don’t rage if it’s not done. Only model that have multiple attachement.( M4A1 with silencer doesn’t count)

This is pretty useful.

Awesome, this will go well with the ones’ made by Bloo. I thank you, good sir.

Hey beat, what model is that guy to the right?

Nice SCAR btw, downloading it.

MW2 operator. I made Thanez FN P90 but I need his authorisation first.


Thanez FN P-90

nice as usual man


sorry for delay about mr.grenaider
rigging finish you can get it

[release] Hexed FN P90 with Bodygroups


[tab]Credits:[/tab] Beat the Zombie and All the people and FPSBanana who made the skin : http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/85427



Could come in handy, looking for moar! :smiley:

An M16A4 would be nice