Hexed Jurassic Park Spinosaurus

This is the hexed Jurassic Park Spinosaurus from AntguardRuler’s Jurassic Park skin pack. I got tired of it replacing the dinosaurs pack Spino, so I hexed it. AntguardRuler takes the credit for the spino, along with universal. All I did was hex it. :science:

Filefront link

Pics or it didnt happen

Universal Studios for the skin
AntguardRuler for ripping the skin
Dragoshi1 for hexing the skin

More of a model than a skin.

But anyways, its pretty interesting.

It’s a model with different skins, the skins are hexed.


Ok, always been curious where these models come from, what game?

The skin is from Jurassic park Operation Genesis, the model is a custom made model I think that was released years ago

I think most of the skins where ripped from JPOG,but! it must have been modded with the film cannon mod, how do you explain the Ceratasaurus skin, that was not from the old game, plus the spino skin is modded to look more like the movie. the in-game one is too light. just needed to point that out :stuck_out_tongue:
look here for the proof n’ stuff :smiley: http://www.jplegacy.org/home.php?load=games/modding/pcjpogfcm2.0.shtml


Weren’t there Spinosaurus models in that old dinosaur pack? A little higher poly than this, but kudos for the release. I like the texture variants.

Only one was in the dinosaurs pack. Its that tan one on the right. The JP spino is the one that was released, but replaced that other spino

Can you replace the link? The link is broken.

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