Hexed Minecraft Skins

I took the pleasure of hexing The Player Model from the Garry Pack
(Found here; http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=91229 , uploaded by Jakln).

The skins in the pack include;

Mario-The Mario Series
Alyx Vance-Half-Life 2
Samus-The Metroid series
Billy Mays-TV commercials
Gordon Freeman-The Half-Life series
Red Spy-Team Fortress 2
Redead-The Zelda series
Yuki Nagato-The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Konata Izumi- Lucky Star
Francis- Left 4 Dead
G-Man- Half-Life Series
Dr. Breen- Half-Life 2
Psycho- Borderlands
Slime- Minecraft
Spider- Minecraft
Brickbox’s Skin

~~For sake of simplicity, The original Garry Craft model pack is also included in the download.~~

Jackln-porting the models and uploading the Garry Craft Pack
Notch-for making the models, and the game
Minecraft Forums-For where I got the skins
Dragoshi1- For Hexing the skins


Drag “addons” folder into your garrysmod directory





Mind if I PM you my skin so you can add it?

As long as its basic like this;


If it has anything like this;

Then it won’t work. Otherwise, go ahead, you can PM your skin to be in the next pack.

They look pretty well ragdolled ^^ Also increadibly blocky but I guess thats the point :stuck_out_tongue: (How old is that game anyway?)

Not that old, really.

http://www.minecraft.net/ Take a spin on it, its fun :dance:


V.2 is up, added more Valve skins and other stuff, plus Brickbox’s requested skin.

Thank you for adding my skin.

Is it bad I have the urge to buy Minecraft now?

No, buy Minecraft! Its definitely worth the little bit of money it costs!

Especially because it’s 50% off during alpha phase.



To garry:

Add awesome rating now.

Bump because I made use out of these

I’m still doing Pack 3, just been having some gmod trouble. Should get back on track though, adding a bunch of hexed skins.

Someone should do Minecraft-esque replacements for the viewmodels. Just saying.

i was wondering if you could do herobrine. i dont know if you would need the skin for this because its just the old default skin with white eyes. if you still need the skin then ill get one:smile: