Hexed Model has a frustrating purple and black texture

Once again, I’m at an impasse with a Hexed model I’m working on. I’m hexing a Killing Floor model from Nexus Elite’s KF Model Pack. I made sure that I got everything right, but the texture just doesn’t want to show up.
Material Path
Model Path
Civi_I_diff.vmt Code

	"$baseTexture" "models\DJ_Ezekiel\Civi_I_diff"
		"$nocull" "1"
	"$model" "1"
	"$halflambert" 1

Any help would be appreciated.

Use mdltexture found here http://www.wunderboy.org/sourceapps.php to double check the path and called VMT’s on the mDL.

When was this released? holy crap that is useful.

I checked it out, I still don’t know what could possibly be wrong.


Or I just don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Yeah, I’m going with the second one.

if you look into the texture path, you can see a lot of empty spaces in mdltexture. Which makes me think you messed up on the hacking. Probably left a lot of 0 spaces or something.

By creating a new file path, I believe I did leave a lot of spaces. I’ll check it out tomorrow.

Alright, I changed the file path and my textures worked! This also fixed my other hexed models, thanks for the help.

Yeah lol I’m only seeing this now too corp303