Hexed model?

So I just bought garry’s mod the other day, and I’ve been downloading stuff from garrysmod.org
I tried installing some mods and skins, and I found out that some were hexed and some were not. I just want to know if there is an easy way to tell them apart( sry if this is a stupid question)

and just to make sure, hexed means that the model won’t replace an existing model, right?

Yes. Correct.

so now to answer the first part of my question, is there an easy way to tell?
Some of the stuff I downloaded failed to mention whether they were hexed or not.

The best way is not the easiest: you have to check whether or not the models in the new pack will override the current default ones.
To do that, you have to know the model names themselves. It isn’t hard to do, and they’re pretty self-explanatory. We could probably tell you right off the bat if you posted what the .mdl files were.

Well I did some more poking around the file menus and found the spawnlists, they’re under
Thanks for offerring to check them fir me though.

… well, unless you allow us to access your computer to access the contents of that spawlist, we cannot determine whether they are hexed or not.
However, since it came with their own spawnlist, I’d say that they are already hexed. If they were not, then the override would have taken place, and the models would already have been spawnlisted with the default ones that you get, so you would not have gotten a new one.