Hexed Models problem

I recently got a model hexed, and it worked fine while I had the original materials folder. After I deleted the origin mats folder, the model started having some problems, which are: having my Perskin’s material on it (how did it even find that?), the alternate skins had Purple and Black checkered clothes, and the facemap never changed. Yes, I’ve changed the VMTs, and that did nothing. I don’t want the materials to overwrite the original model’s materials. Please help me.

can i see screenshoot of this problem? you use the program to hex the model? you have open the vmt with valve texture editor of the notepad?


yup you do all…hmm can i have the unfixed model please i think i can fix this


fixed fixed

Could you upload somewhere else? Filefront isn’t working for me.


There’s nothing in the file…

oh yea sorry…

Thanks a bunch.

working? i not too difficoult is a folder probles it was easy to fix

I’ll test it when I get back.

Works fine :buddy:
I am having a problem with compiling the model with player animations.
When I try to start my StudioCompiler, I get this error:

Extra App ID set to 211, but no SteamAppID.

Any help with this?

I do have Source SDK open, too.

garrysmod/garrysmod/gameinfo.txt open in notepad put a minus (-) infront of the 211 and save, that will solve that.

Your very lucky to have that problem and not some of the other wierdness there’s been reciently ¬.¬

I had already fixed it last night. I just use GUIStudioMDL. Thanks for the tip, though.

yay can you relase the player?