Hexed Models

I have Hexed a load of models, some with new skins i’ve made, some with skins i’ve found.

I would like to know what the conditions are for releasing Hexed models, as it is my belief that you are suppost to ask the person who made the original first. This is however not easy as the garrysmod.org site hasn’t got a PM system.

If you would like to see which models I have hexed I have put a list on my deviantArt page http://silverspirituk.deviantart.com/ (also there’s pictures in my gallery in the GMod Reskins folder).

If you have any idea who made the models (or you made them) please let me know if you are ok with me putting them online somewhere.

(I’m new on this forum so if i’ve put this in the wrong place, let me know.)

Wrong place. :confused:

I would just release them and make a “Credits” area in the thread.

Ah, thankyou for telling me its in the wrong place (how do i move it?)

And ok, Credits file is the right way to do it :smiley: (now how do you release stuff?)