HEXED Survivor Skins

HEXED Survivor Skins By [WLZ] Arty/Blah360



These are hexed versions of the skins which are found here. Feel free to use them in any thing. This is still in progress and will soon have a large variety of hexed skins including clothing, faces and possibly zombified versions if someone will skin them for me.

I might turn these into SNPC’s if I ever feel like it.

If you need something hexed, I’ll do it! Just provide a link!

You know these have already been hexed and released right?



Aww… FUUU-!!

I guess I’ll take this down then D:

Go ahead and lock it mods :frowning:


Wait nonoooo! The links are all broken, so my mod lives :smiley:

You are very generous, I like that :wink:
Maybe you could just make a thread to hex stuff. That’d be useful :slight_smile:

Hey, good to know someone finds it useful :slight_smile: Yeah, I was going to make a hex thread, just didn’t have the time and I haven’t hexed much yet. But when I do get some more requests and a hexed skins I’ll definitely make one.

Now if only you could re-hex all those other skins. Do that, and I will be extremely grateful.

You would be one of the most helpful people to ever help someone!

You mean the skins included in there that are optional? If so, I’ve already been on it :smiley:

good job man but i know how to hex but how do ya skin the hexed model
plz reply

Use search, there was a giant thread on it that used to be stickied, I wanna know why they unstickied it.

Sorry to bump but can you reupload these?!

Just use the spawnlist generator by bodenlan.

This was a complete hexed set, not just a spawnlist

Since this download is not available anywhere else, I hereby re-upload it to Garrysmod.org

Here is the link:

(All of the other links are broken)

If the creator of these models does not wish that this download is on garrysmod.org, please tell me and I will delete it right away.


Theres a spawnlist generator? O.o Where?

Wait. Can someone post a picture of these?

You didn’t try to contact me…

But it’s okay if you want to keep it up. I find these kinda pointless though since someone reuploaded the entire Zombie Master hexed pack.