hexing a texture only

i want to hex a gamebanana texture for a default hl2 weapon, i tried copying the hl2 smg model and renaming it and going into the file with a hex editor and renaming it to the correct name, with the same amount of letters of course…
but still in-game the model does not show up as an error, it just shows up as the default hl2 smg model? i tried using mecha the slag’s mdl hexer to edit the what textures it’s supposed to use, but no effect.

The source engine doesn’t look for a material with the same name as the model, it looks for the material specified within the models’ code. I’m not really used to decompiling things, so I don’t know what you should do- I’d probably decompile the entire model, then edit the QC’s material path.

MPan is on the right track - the model contains a reference to each texture it uses. However, de and recompiling a model is a bit extreme.

Open up the model in your favorite hex editor and head towards the end.

You should have something similar to this if you were to open the c_357:


The very last segment ( models\weapons\V_357 ) points to the folder each texture is in, and directly before that, the main material of the weapon is listed ( 357_sheet ).

You should be able to just change the last bit to the new folder, update the vmt to the same one and call it done.