Hexing Gmod 10

Alright, since I am new I will try not sound like a complete idiot. I can hex weapons for gmod up until the point where you need to put them into the game. All the tutorials I hhave read are for Gmod9 and I do not have the menu_props folder. My concern is “Where do I put the weapons text document in the garrysmod10 folder?” I would really appreciate someone explaining what I do when it is Garrysmod 10.

You mean the spawnlist?

well, what the menu_props is, is the ‘spawnlist’ in the initial q menu.

However, if you go to browse, you can go to garrysmod/weapons, look through it, and you should find your hexed model.

Yes, anytime I tried to find the weapon in my Gmod weapons tab, it is not there so where exactly is the spawnlist?

Well, it depends on the tut. post the link of it here. It might of been only hexing a world model

Oh you are correct, I see what I did wrong aswell. Thanks for bringing that up Clevin.