Hexing problems... Again.

Hey all. I’ve tried hexing an Reskin of the saxxy award and it did’nt really work the way it should. I started up GMod and went to browse and found it but when it spawned it were invisible, Any help? Sorry if you can’t understand this… my english is not that good. :rolleyes:


Few things to bear in mind when you’re hexing…

If the new filename is smaller than the old one, you need to add some hexadecimal 00’s immediately afterwards and join them on.

If the new filename is longer, some programs will be fine with it, some won’t (though, the game usually is).

If you only hex the file’s eexpect name at the top (header), then you have to use the same folder for the new texture.

If you’re hexing the paths at the bottom, you have to create a new folder structure to match…
Also, if you’ve changed the texture folder (i.e. by copying an existing one and renaming it), you have to edit the VMT files in notepad to point to the new folder structure.

Plenty places to go wrong, but I wrote a more detailed guide here:


Thank you but i already solved the problem. Thanks for the Info thou!