Hexxing and Skinning.

Hey there guys, I am Opti. I am pretty new to Facepunch, but have been an Avid member of FPSbanana and another community for quite some time. I have only recently started skinning for Garry’s Mod and Day Of Defeat: Source. I would like to know how to hex my models for Garry’s Mod. I would like to have a citizen model that I can test out all my skins on instead of the citizens in game, because when the skins are installed it overwrites ALL my citizen buddies, and I do not want that. If someone could please help me or walk me through on how to Hex models, and possibly skin things better, that would be appretiative.

My Steam name is SiloSloth if you would like to add me. Just give me some suggestions, and again, thank you FacePunch and your community. Out of a lot of the gaming sites and big sites with a lot of members, I have seen the best Constructive Criticism from here. A lot of you are not dicks and I respect that, keep this shit going :]

Anyway, help me if you would. Or give me a DECENT tutorial on how to hex models and/ or skin things better. In advanced, thank you.

Sincerley, Opti.

It’s a little thread I found by Searching on the website.
Seems pretty good to me.

Thank you, I will be sure to check this out, thank you very much. Maybe I should have looked around before I did anything eh? lol.

You are welcome :smiley: Now I managed to make my skin hexed cause of this tutorial.