Hey Admin just like to say something please read

Admin I’ve started a discussion on steam were people will comment what they want in the next updates if you would like to come check out the discussion just click this link here

I’m just trying to help rust out its a good game right now is my favorite and to make it better thanks DewRitos

One of the problems in my opinion with your discussion is that it is on an external forum. Why not here?

We already have topics on feature requests and polls will pop up aswell every once in a while.
Take a look around. There are discussion here that are acknowledged by the developers. But a topic hidden somewhere in the steam forums will not receive any attention, not even with a catchy thread title like yours what brings us to the next problem. Please use a correct title.
Example: “requests for future updates on steam forum”

But I think its not clever to think you can comment what you want for the next update, because the content of the next update is already in progress before you write that comment you know…

Suggestions should stay on this forum as already mentioned… tbh those suggestions on the steam topic is mostly not thought through.

On a second note, why do you want “admin” (I assume you mean the devs here) to read the steam topic when you in the steam topic already tell them you want to control what’s being suggested to the devs - in other words, they don’t have to read there, they can just wait for your input to them. :wink:

Yep this is the other point. Let the developers do what they think is good for the game and if its bad we will riot here and it will be noticed and changed or balanced.

I’m guessing you still believe in Santa and the Easter bunny too? You are right about one thing “Let the developers do what they think is good for the game”. They’ve been doing precisely that for 2 years.

Oooh I get it you got raided now you’re here to release the hell on everybody.

Considering I haven’t played this game in 2 years that argument is kinda pointless. I got raided in Legacy like everyone and I raided like everyone else, not the reason im “here to release the hell on everybody” nor am I releasing any kind of the hell. Just making a statement