Hey Boys it's a Spah!

Every. fucking. time. I. play. spy.
No text:
No tracers because they always look terrible when I try them

Uh. I like the pyro’s black brigade helm :3:
But otherwise I don’t understand why the spy sappin’ the sentry is yelling an engineer line while disguised as scout 0.o

He says it because he’s mocking the engineer.

Oh ok.

Posing can and should be improved, the muzzleflashes do not fit with the TF2 style and the speechbubble’s lines are too thick and aliased. A higher setting of AA could’ve been used in game and JPEG artifacts are present.

You can see the box around the muzzle flash of the Engineer’s gun.

floating spy

who the fuck stands like this

only one line was necessary

you also misspelled assistance.

and your posing is still pretty

That muzzleflash is not right for a revolver. Why is it coming out of the sides of the barrel?

Hey boys it’s a shitty pic!

Those text bubbles are awful, they’re big enough to be dinner plates.

And jesus is spy bout to hump someone or something

I see a little noclip on the Engie’s finger on the trigger. I also didn’t like this.

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Also the spy’s eyes are looking at nothing.

Excellent pic. I love the posing on the Spy with the sapper and the speeches are very close to TF2, it feels like as if I was playing it.

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And the camera angle is wide and spacious, which leaves us a lot of idea of how the characters are striving to react towards the enemy Spy in front of them.

those speechbubbles are terrible.