Hey Builders. I made a new home for us on reddit- /r/GmodContraptions

The way I see it THIS PLACE use to be for Gmod contraptions. It use to be why I played. It use to have a dedicated contraption section which was the only place I went. Since that is now gone we builders are just left with heaps of ragdoll poses, comics and idiot box videos covering our hard work.

So I invite any builder that can remember or wants to remember the way the old facepunch did things to post something of theirs on this new subreddit. I don’t care if it is terrible, I don’t care if it is stupid. I don’t care if you hate Reddit. I just want to see THINGS made in gmod. If it walks, rolls, flies or murders… Post it.

Google defines a contraption best.

con-trap-tion [kuhn-trap-shuhn] - A machine or device that appears strange or unnecessarily complicated, and often badly made or unsafe.

If you don’t get all weepy eyed at the thought of that, you probably aren’t the builders I am looking for.

While reading “50 Shades of Grey”, I was inspired to build again. I will post some things there to hopefully get it going.

Sounds great, I’d like for people to get back into building mechanical contraptions.

Awesome. Your cars are why I bothered trying to learn them myself…oh! Right. Screenies of contraptions. I’ll post 'em here since I don’t use reddit. The cars are pretty terrible as I’m not the best builder by a mile, but I have fun with them just the same.


…Oh, and you may recognize this antique. V4 of your timing system. Still works!..mostly. Lags my machine out without liberal use of invisiblity though. The lap times are of the gokart in the above screenshot, looping around the roads around the central park of flatgrass_revolution.


young man are you advertising

Indeed. Why not just have a contraptions thread?

Cool beanz, I’ll get to posting pics/videos of my shit on here and the subreddit soon C:

Well a single thread would be rather ridiculous don’t you think? Their own subforums would be better… (Periods are sarcasm because that is the complaint this thread starts with)…

Glad to see people actually wanting to post things, and your post has received 3 “dumb” votes. I can’t believe how ridiculous this community is. Can’t wait to see some screenshots =]

hahah wow you think ratings work like votes

Sir, I believe you are what is known as a “ratings whore”.

I may have worded my post a bit incorrectly earlier. What I meant was, I’m glad people are taking interest in this thread. It just upsets me that, somebody makes a post about wanting to post screenshots, and gets “dumb” ratings. I was trying to figure out what was dumb with his post, because I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Hence I said this community is ridiculous sometimes.

Well then again, “ridiculous” would be a bit of an understatement in terms of describing this community. :downs:

S&M has never been an official harbor for contraption threads

You lost your subforum because all it contained was three or four megathreads with a handful of active posters.

If the threads you make are active and popular, they will appear higher up on the page. Take a hint.

“This is now the definitive place for all Gmod CONTRAPTIONS. Facepunch has shunned our kind and the subforum was removed years ago. The few of us left have had no place to show off until now.”

You make it sound like builders are an entire different race.