Hey, can you help me catch up?

I’ve been here for a long time, and Postal gave me a key a month ago, but I was afk (i still got the key, thanks postal :smiley: )

Anyways, can you please show me a link of the new updates on this forum, so I don’t get in trouble?

Is there new rules or such?

thank you.

I think you can still use it :slight_smile: Congratulations!

Since when did he ask if he could use it? He asked if there are any new rules or updates?

Just don’t hack.

How did you get a key from postal? Lucky bastard!

He won it in the drawing contest. If I’d entered, I’d won a key aswell. But I already had one so meh :v:

It was from a drawing competition, I drew around 10 drawings, but still greatful.
And yes, I can still use the key, i’ve made my account.

We’re getting off topic, is there like an updates board on facepunch to show new rules and addons?

It’s on the playrust webpage.

oh, ok, thanks.