hey coders wanted(will pay)

hey i would like some coders will pay money

right this is what i would like

  1. a money system that i can use with mysqllite or mysql (i have my own database that can be used )

  2. a derma menu one for leaders and one for players
    the players one must have an application and have the faction logos we have the faction logos and info on factions

  3. a market system that goes up or down depending on how much materials was sold that day

  4. an admin’s menu that controls the asteroid spawning and the market if need be

  5. a hud that works with the money system (also has tip of the week we have them all written down i think)

  6. a scoring system that works on how much you sell and make (can be shown in a derma menu

  7. must have a PayPal account to pay you the money (this one is only so i can pay you asap note i do not do checks)

  8. if you can make all the derma in to one ent and make the ent hook to the node so we don’t get cheats when they are trying to sell empty storages and can you make the market be change able when offline from the database as well
    plz note i do have some spelling issues and i have tried to make my points clear if need be you can do Skype to Skype calls

  9. we have a basic faction menu but doesnt have applications

if interested plz email me or post on this website i have made a forums for this and plz feel free to rate me bad speller again (email is interstellerbuild@hotmail.co.uk)

or post here

Use comma’s and perhaps people will bother to read. And fix your grammar.

Somewhat fixed :smile:

Offer to pay money automatically eliminates the need for grammar. :3

These are different parts of lua, do you want one coder to do it all or a couple coders to do some parts of it?


you did say coders as a plural…

So i take it your talking about a spacebuild3 based RP mining gamemode?

the answer to your question is yes i may need to have 2 maybe 4 coders then i would have 6 then

and yes its an rp mining gamemode called interstellarbuild

I could barely be bothered to read that, as it didn’t make much sense. Even after reading it I don’t really know what you want, I don’t know what you mean by asteroids and stock market. I am not sure whether that is part of an existing script which you want modifying or made from scratch. Explaining exactly what you want would make your pitch seem more appealing and will get more serious offers.

as i said my speeling ant the best or my grammer but i did try to make the points as clear as posiable and there is a few problems as in deslexia

Well, i cant see anyone helping you. Why not try and learn lua, i did and it helped me ALOT. i even made a gamemode souly around a hud :> . ANyways, it will help you to learn other languages also…

if any coders are interested we can talk via steam or just post here or on the forums i would like a mysql coder as i cant learn to code lua atm with normal life needing me more

Captain-Britain(isb well bk)


i think i sorted the grammer soz got one of my mates to fix it for me

i have tryed to make this post as read able as posiable due to my speeling dificulty and other problems i would like to hire a coder who can use my sql or mysqllight

Didnt help any though.

You can take a look/copy paste from This tutorial by quincy18