"Hey Dave, I found your ex-wife.."

(goes gr8 w/ this)


shes really pissed

Emmm…? Looks awesome, but I don’t get the “ex-wife” thing.
Yeah, yeah, rate me dumb xD.

Rated artistic instead of dumb.

see that big ugly thing in the doorway with the huge bone cock?

thats daves wife.

I don’t like the whole sepia tone of it, personally. Doesn’t add to it.

i dont know how to make a video camera screen effect so i just desaturated and color burned shit

It could be a bit more visible.

Can’t see shit

Your avatar just fits so well.

my bad for the huge muzzleflash

its better if you just right click and view image cause all of the sudden shit just shrunk on the forums

I love it, looks gritty. Blood could be darker tho.

Haha, way to go. Rate dumb then notice we can see your name in the dumb ratings… rate artistic to seem clean.

That too, but mostly cuz rating a good picture “dumb” just because the title doesn’t match is dumb :-).