Hey Dawg guard the door. (first attempt at an fps hud image.)

This is my first attempt at an fps hud style image. The map is necro_downtown.

I know the health bar looks generic but i just wanted to try it.

The HUD is a little too simple, but not a bad first attempt.

~EXteNdDedD magZ LOL~

But yeah, the posing is sort of wonky and the gun is is pointed not at the general center of the screen which kinda kills the mood.

Forgot to capitalize the I in “Here, I found these…”

Looks pretty good, though the zombies pose looks like you sat him there, froze his chest, then ass, then unfroze his chest.

If this is some sort of CoD reference (not entirely sure), “Jakson” is spelled Jackson.

It is not a CoD reference.

Looks like Duty Calls for me.

You need to work with camera angle and lights.

Why do people always feel the need to put the gun on HUDs? It just wastes space, and you can plainly see what gun you’ve got by simply looking at it.

It’s a bit dark, and the posing on the arm is pretty awkward.