Hey Devs and rust players, Door suggestion

Hey Community,

I was wondering your opinion on adding a feature that you could mark your friends as friendlies which would give them the ability to open your doors and maybe have a little green dot over their head symbolizing friend from foe.
So what do you guys think?




edit: seriously though, the group marker has been bashed to death on the forums, it is suggested that not having a marker gives at least a little hope to the solo / small group guys. I tend to agree with them. As for the door thing, that is a fine suggestion, one that has been made many times, but sadly this means someone actualy has to code something so you will probably here something along the lines of…“but you can have more than one door to a house so its fine”.

They said in another thread that they are thinking about adding keys…

That’d be interesting, and honestly I don’t know how I feel about it. It’d be really great up until you die and lose your key. I wouldn’t so much mind having to worry about someone stealing your stuff, because that fear is always there, but getting locked out of your own house would be pretty lame. If they made the key non loot-able through death then perhaps it’d work very well? I don’t know honestly, seems rather tricky to make it right.

ye id say this game could really use a party system, but i wouldnt say its top priority … jus so u can see friendlys from further away would be nice

i think it would just be better to have it so that you could like click on the person you’d like to give privileges to instead of anything else like say if you just wanted to give them access to your house for cover or something they wouldn’t be able to access your loot boxes but could access everything else but have it still be loot able for those who aren’t friendly… could be tricky but would be a great addition because i wouldn’t want to have anything like a key or something that could be looted

I don’t think that would really work. It’d be much easier to just leave it as it is and if someone needs to come inside for cover, just open your door for them. As for looting, my loot is always behind multiple doors and protections. If I let someone in for cover, they’re only getting in the first level of security. Anything more than that and I run the risk of them turning on me and stealing my stuff.

I personally like the door system the way it it to be honest. As for a party system, if this is launched through steam there would be one in place through that.

There is no point in over complicating this to make it “easier” or in my opinion dumbing it down. I don’t want a game just like the others. I want to have to worry about shooting someone running up to my house in case they’re a friend, its more realistic.

I do hope however that they eventually add more customization options into the clothing/armor. It’d be great to be able to have your entire clan in blue or red or whatever and equally awesome to be able to put on an enemies colors and infiltrate their base for a raid.

Pretty sure the OP wasn’t suggesting a “group marker” that you can visibly see, but rather marking (not something you can see) people as your friends who can access your doors.

It’s great the way it is. If you want more people to have access to your house, you need to design it so there is a door for each person. It makes perfect sense to me.

oh i never really thought of it that way… just leave it how it is and just make it so one have that connects to the house he builds with his own doors and the other half you build with your doors and can have a common room for the both of you but you have separate doors

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I personally dislike the idea of keys.
Sure, it’s realistic to have a key that opens your door. It’s realistic that somebody might kill you and take your key (and now has access to your house).
But nobody plays games for realism, so let’s talk about fun instead.
Suddenly having the house you built open to whoever looted your dead body (and let’s face it, Rust is nothing if not famous for dying frequently) isn’t fun. It’s annoying.
What IS fun is being able to secure your house provided you have enough resources. I’d like to see a combination lock. It should take a ton of metal fragments to produce, but isn’t entirely implausible as I’ve seen VERY simple combination lock mechanisms (for instance, this tutorial shows how to build a simple combination lock out of cardboard )
You could set the combination upon crafting, and then place the lock on your door. If the door has no lock, then only you can open it, but if it has a lock then anyone can open it provided they know (or can guess!) the combination.
You could then give the combination to your buddies and they can get in/out of your base at will.

Love the idea.

I think the idea of keys would be great. Maybe like a blueprint of the key that you could teach someone. So that when you use the key you could dispose of it and then when you need to use it again you could make another.

i like the idea of keys personally, as well as the combination lock idea, i say do both.

there is no reason keys would not be more commonly used, and cheaper to make.

and padlocks would be more secure, but more expensive. There is also that great moment when you forget your padlock code and have to blow up your own door to get back in. (which will happen, the law of averages says it must)

The problem with the way it works now though is that it’s both horribly unfriendly to noobs playing with 1 or 2 friends and it makes a more secure stronghold a nightmare to design. Ideally a house would be something of a maze with a great many doors to hinder the progress of any attackers but if you can’t give your friends access to your many layers of doors then you have to build an entire second maze onto the structure.

It’s frankly just a tedious design that screams “didn’t have time to make something better” which is fine for an alpha game like this but shouldn’t still be a problem by the time of release.

I’d actually argue that IRL padlocks would be CHEAPER to produce. Key mechanisms are actually more complex, involving springs and pins and all kinds of confusing stuff. Padlocks, on the other hand, are conceptually braindead simple.

Keys would be epic, kill a guy, get his key now run around the map trying to open random doors :smiley:

Maybe the key should never be lost when you die, maybe if you right clicked it or something like you do blueprint

If they implemented keys for doors, they should allow use to remove doors that we’ve placed instantly, (With an “are you sure?” option, lol) so if you died and lost your key, you could swap the door out assuming you had the given resources. It’d be really shitty if someone killed you that saw you come out of your base, and now you either have to have 2 c4’s to blow your metal door, or you’re screwed.