[HEY DEVS!] Another simple good ideas for the next updates [HEY DEVS!]

Mods, why did you close this thread?! Actually developers already release some ideas! (boots, t-shirts, longsleeves, jackets, winter jackets, animal hp)
So check some new! keke

  • Longsleeve requires more clothes(done), but it still not warmer then T-shirt.
  • Stove\oven\heater. Not destroyed with time as camp fire. But possible to be put only on the foundation. Stones and MF.
  • Furnace should warm.
  • The cold effect when the player is offline, naked and not near the sleepinging bag. (Players should die if they logged out naked in winter)
  • New resource - Plastic\electronics\rubber. Perhaps only found in barrels and radtowns. We need to create high-tech stuff. For example code locks, radsuits. It will stimulate the players to attend radtowns and fight for it.
  • Human skulls have to be named. Trophies.
  • Wooden spiked fence with a skulls (500 wood + human skulls + wolf skulls)
  • Spiked fence should use metal fragments (There is a barbed wire)
  • Leather jackets and pants (not this shitty castoffs you can create now, i mean good stuff)
  • Leather hat.
  • Healing while sleeping near the bed.

Bota Bag should require Leather, not cloth
Long sword should require Leather, not cloth
stakes with a human skulls
Miners Hat should require leather
beenie cold resist
wolf hat cold resist and armor and crafting with leather, not a cloth
Vagina is gay
black skin for leather gloves
melting guns and other weapons
jacket gives less defence, but possible to wear with metal chest armor
add one more slot for clothings
Metal\wood ladders
Metal\wood hatches\manholes

(User was banned for this post ("why did you close this thread I'll just remake it with an even more annoying title" - garry))

if it was closed, i wouldn’t just remake it.

Its a NEW ideas, if you can read.

oh i’m sorry was it the link to the old thread i missed, or the upd that supposedly meant everything below was new?