[HEY DEVS!] Few simple good ideas for the next update [HEY DEVS!]

Hello, i love this game, but i see some mistakes in balance.
Well, briefly.

Changes (current) [reasons\comments]
mf - metal fragments, gp - gun powder

Craft fixes:

  • Boots: 50 leather, 15mf (50 cloth, 15mf) [Beacuse this is a LEATHER boots…Also the animal skin is now useless and is all in large quantities]
  • Beancan grenade: 30gp, 20mf, beancan (50gp, 20mf) [This is a BEANCAN grenade, also beancans is useless now, it’s better to use use less rare GP]
  • all guns: +X metal fragments. [Logic. +it will make guns more rare]
  • Bolt rifle: +30 hiqual, -50cloth [Powerfull weapon must be harder to craft]
  • Revolver: +10 hiqual [To easy to craft now]
  • Longsword: **+leather, -cloth **
  • T-shirt: -10 cloth [less then Longsleeve]
  • Wolf Headdress: 50 cloth, 100 leather, wolf skull (100 cloth, wolf skull) [Logic + excess skin + read fixes]
  • Snow jackets: 200 cloth, 20mf (150 cloth)
  • Jackets: 150 cloth, 10mf
  • High Velocity Arrow: 30 wood, 5mf, 1 animal fat (40 wood, 15 stones) [read fixes, fat reduce friction :D]
  • Bone pants\jacket: 10 cloth, 20 leather (20cloth)
  • salvaged sword: **-10cloth, +10 leather **(25 cloth, 100mf)
  • Torch: -15 lowgrade fuel (30 wood, 1 loth, 20lgf) [Nobody craft it, because need too much fuel, also read fixes about damage]


  • Beenie should give cold resist [It’s a wool winter hat…]
  • Wolf Headdress should give cold resist + armor [It’s hard to craf, also FUR and SKIN and SKULLBONE gives less defence then stupid Headwrap - why?]
  • Crossbow +25% damage [its useless now and hard to use and craft]
  • High Velocity Arrow +20% armor ignore
  • Bears +100% hp [6 arrows]
  • Boars +100% hp [4 arrows] + aggressive after attacking them [do you know that the wild boars - a very dangerous animals?]
  • Lonsleeve T-shirt should give more defence and cold resist then t-shirt
  • Torch -90% damage to a buildings [no comment.]

New items:

Also, please, add a button REPORT. :3
Where to go if i meet a hackers?!

The game is far from balanced, everyone knows this.

As for reporting hackers: https://twitter.com/rusthackreport

But anyway ingame button should be better.

Also, Few simple good ideas for the next update

Seems you won:


Snow jacket requires more cloth than jacket - @garrynewman (/main)

Longsleeve Tshirt requires more cloth than shortsleeve - @garrynewman (/main)

Boots require leather - @garrynewman (/main)

Hurray! :magic101:

Every time I see someone suggest something and their logic is “more realistic” I just sigh. This game isn’t realistic. Nor will it ever be. Nor SHOULD it ever be. Balance decisions should be made around balance and game play. Not because “it would work this way in real life”.

Not to say that there’s no room for that. But it should never be the only reason for a change. When you talk about things like “Boars are mean in real life, they should be mean in game too,” this is just wrong. An easy animal to kill serves a purpose in game. You don’t take that away solely for the sake of realism.

Where did you see something about “realistic”? About boars? I meand hunting is to easy, it will be more interesting if bears and boars will be more dangerous. Killing boars is like taking mushrooms - boring and easy.

And as i said “but i see some mistakes in balance.”

About crafting “logic” - same thing.

Did you not say boars were too easy to kill in game and cite their real life tendencies as reason for making them more aggressive? I mean, it looks like a cut and dry real life citation for an in game change to me. But if somehow I misunderstood “do you know that the wild boars - a very dangerous animals?” by all means please clarify. The sentence structure is horrible, but I thought the meaning was clear.

It’s supposed to be boring and easy. Just like there’s two animals that will attack you and two animals that will run away from you, there needs to be a couple animals that you can stand a decent chance of killing when all you’ve got is a rock and a torch.

Maybe he should add dinosaurs…hey wait.

Bota Bag should require Leather, not cloth http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-gu-_KcIjL9E/UnKF-AV5j3I/AAAAAAAAERs/ycQl-la_9EU/s1600/a+wineskin.jpg
Long sword should require Leather, not cloth
stakes with a human skulls https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/d6/1a/75/d61a7535f8646785c63a35d91026bf2e.jpg
Miners Hat should require leather
beenie cold resist
wolf hat cold resist and armor
Vagina is gay
black skin for leather gloves
melting guns and other weapons
jacket gives less defence, but possible to wear with metal chest armor
add one more slot for clothings
Unique Orange Dingo skin for a Wolf hat for me :3 http://olimpyc.narod.ru/olderfiles/1/din1.jpg

Metal\wood ladders https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CNU3j7LWEAASrua.jpg
Metal\wood hatches https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CNU30GKW8AAX8e7.jpg:large