[Hey DEVS] Rust DONT WORK !!

Hello there,
Since most recent patch some hour ago, 99% of the people who patch can’t start Rust anymore, we get the grey loading screen and a crash, Fix this use previous patch or something !! :S

there are already other threads open.

I’m sure they’re already looking into it and fix will come up soon

Yeah… just updated… before could, no cant…

Well… i think it is because of windows 7 because my friends (windows 8) can play.

CookieMonstPK is mad and put Dumb on every head

so we have to buy a new window?

No, running on Windows 8 and still having the same issue.

is there an options to go back in the update? so we can play now , and they fix later :stuck_out_tongue:

Verify Integrity of Game Cache -> Problem solved on Windows 8 x64

Worked for me to, I got windows 7 x64

Thx man :slight_smile:

Worked here after opting out of beta programs then checking game cache.

This is no dev prob. Tons of people are playing right now.

  • Verify Integrity of Game Cache
  • Reinstall
  • update driver

Huh i am not getting any problems launching and playing it at all. I am on windows 7 64 bit laptop. Might be because of Windows x64 Pro that is fixing it, because i got that for sure.