"Hey, do you feel that?"-Space Marines being stalked my a huge spider thingy

Fucking title mispellings >.<

Now edited to make a little bit of sense


Original edit:


“Yeah, I hear something too. It sounds kinda like a huge spider thingy…”

Looks good, but I can see the ground between the grass effects.

What model did you use for the body?

Looks a little too similar to Chesty’s work

I used COD4 models from this pack: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=80858
Then edited a helmet on them

fuck, ive been found out :ninja:
[sp]but seriously, this is my own work :D[/sp]

Great camera angle and depth-of-field and scenebuild. I can’t say I like the Master Chief green helmets though… they’re just too synonymus with Halo. Weapon choice isn’t very sci-fi either. Nice model choice for the bodies though.

circlejerk detected

retaliatory nuclear strike eminent

hurr durr pointing out similarities means we are in a jack off circle hurr

Even though it does look a lot like my work because it uses Angry_Baker’s idea that I have been using a lot recently, the shading is very much like my own, the scenebuild is a lot like my last picture and that dust at the bottom of the screen is quite reminiscent of a lot of my pictures.

This isn’t me blowing my own trumpet or “circle-jerking”, it’s a fact that it looks similar to some of my recent pictures.

Besides questioning how they CAN’T hear something of that size, the picture looks great!

It’s good, i like the DoF.

I don’t think the fog/mist don’t really belongs.

The master chief helmet doesn’t really belong, to.

Nice job!

yeah i admit the concept and use of stuff isnt that great, but i guess this was mainly a bit of an excercise of scenebuilding, posing, and editing. I still like it :buddy:

Wow that made the picture 1000 times better! :smiley: