"Hey fatty, you're snoring!" Scout wakes up fatty.


Yay for shitty blood effects.

Haha, Heavy makes a horse face.

Oh my god, that’s awesome.

It’s funny but it didn’t really make me smirk or anything.

It’s that kind of funny where you know it’s funny but it’s not funny enough for you

otherwise known as unfunny for the more jerky people.

That smile is just awesome…

Sad that the projector’s light is shitting on the left, blame SuperDof, forgot to turn HDR off again.

Funny, but too dark. Scout’s expression in the last panel was priceless.

Welph, that explains the bandages on every single Scout model.
All I am wondering is how did that steak appear in the scout’s left hand if he had it up to whisper to Heavy in the first place?

Ethier way, great comic, but the humor is hard to get if you don’t really pay attention.

The Scout’s face at the end is hilarious.

I love the demos face at the end with the thumbs up.

Haha nice one :smiley:

Why are there no chat bubbles?

What’s with the unrealistic faceposing too? Honestly it makes it look worse and less funny, no troll.

What I’d suggest is make it longer less silly faceposing and a better base for the joke, you could’ve added the frame of him eating scoot’s hand

Well funny is what makes you smile, or laugh in your head.
I don’t think I have ever actually laughed out loud at a gmod pic or comic.


Also, the scouts expression is priceless




You can’t expect me to believe that Crazy Knife’s Spanish Inquisition comic didn’t make you laugh out loud.

The ones who don’t have no humor.