Hey Garry! Are you planning to participate in the Trading Card beta?

Or just participating in the Trading Card thing overall. Garry’s Mod has so many poses, screenshots and shit so it has a lot of potential as trading cards.

Personally, I’d love to see trading cards of notable Garry’s Mod video/comic characters like John Freeman and Gordon Frohman :v:

And Hercule Cubbcoughnevermind.

I’m sure GMod will have trading cards at some point, but it’s just harder to discern what exactly will be the content, seeing as GMod itself has a lot of flexibility regarding gameplay. Sure, we could get some famous characters, but we could also get pics of constructs or even Terrorist Town images.

I have a nominee


Sex pose card

I feel the card system is gonna be like tf2 hats all over again.:suicide:

Nope. It’ll turn Garry’s Mod into the #1 sex pose trading card simulator. Of course, nothing does the job better than JBMod, but it’s a start.

A set of sex pose trading cards would be revolutionary! Science at its full potential!


Oh god
It’s too late.