Hey Garry (Not a hate thread). Building?

We’ve all been waiting your next building idea, some of us more than others (The architects of the groups).

Really curious what you have in store for us.

Building systems to draw inspiration from (This is more for the community, I’m sure you’ve done your homework)

7 Days to Die - 10x different building materials, different level of defense for each block of the wall. 10x different building parts (Roof hang, corner roof, etc)
Planet Explorers - Different block sizes, 1x, 2x, 4x. Many different shapes, comparable to 7D2D.
Land Mark - Completely free form, you have the tools to manipulate materials/ minerals and you figure out how you want things to look.
The Forest - You place the building/ part and then you dump the materials into the transparent object.

I personally believe that all of these games don’t have the charm of Rust’s system, but they are different in their own ways.

I don’t really have a ‘fix’ and it’s not my place to tell you how to make your game, I just love to play it and I’m dying to know what you’ve been brain storming.

Much love Garry.

It’s always the same idiots putting ‘dumb’ on every thread, most likely the ones with the least impressive education. Anyways, bump.

my post will start off with;

dont fucking be a douchebag because we rate what we think about your thread.
secondly, dont be a douchebag in the bump, or be a douchebag in general.
third, ripping ideas from other games is a great way to make this a ORIGINAL VIDEO GAME.

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My post will start off with;

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Thanks for your input orphan.

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  1. most ideas are ripped off from other games anyways

  2. rust isn’t exactly the most ORIGINAL thing out there. You can still be original and base it off another thing or whatever.

  3. Man you really shouldn’t act mean like that off the bat. Way to look like a dick. He was being kinda crappy but thats no fair, its not constructive to be like that at all.

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one idea would be space engineers, where as objects are damages they lose a set of parts, but if they don’t lose a full tier of parts you can repair it without those parts

blocks are a bad idea though, way unfitting

Isn’t this the new system in the experimental branch? You lay down the plans and then bring the resources and work on it with a tool to actually build it. They mentioned it being more social as people can actually all work on the same building, at the same time, at diff times, whatever.

You can already collaborate when building.

Example - Adding an extra foundation, 3 walls and a ceiling to someone’s front door.

I am loving what people are doing with the barricades to make slopes I wonder if that was intended.

Flaming is a great way to get people swayed to your side, good job!
I’m sure your Harvard college education is what taught you this astonishing strategic ability.

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Oh man, this is gonna be good.
I’ll just patiently wait for it to happen.

Unlike yourself, I don’t strive to sway random peoples opinions who don’t factor into my life on an internet forum. I really couldn’t careless what you guys agree with or disagree with. My post wasn’t directed to the gnomes.

Seems like you care :dance: