Hey Garry! Open up the main menu environment please.

Think of all the things people could do with it.
They could:
[li]Make snazzy new main menu themes to liven things up
[/li][li]Add things like news tickers, addon update notifications etc
[/li][li]Make a system that checks with servers if you have all the required content before joining them.
[/li][li]Make a system that kindly asks the server to kick your dead clone when Source’s networking kicks you from a server without actually kicking you (via IP obviously, so you can’t request that random people get kicked)
[/li][li]Integrate chat systems into the pause menu
[/li][li]Add pre-startup options for their addons
Sound well worth the effort to me, what do you think?
Thanks for reading.

Donkie Approved

He is right, sort of.

I like this idea.
Currently we are pretty limited on what to do on the main menu because we don’t have RunString and CompileString,blackops has his own menustate clock.
Garry,you once said that you would like to see custom menus in gmod,why did you scrap the idea?

I’m not sure why garry hasn’t implemented a system like addonisimo - it’s clearly possible, and he could probably do it with fewer hacky methods than Gbps had to use.

Or why he occasionally breaks it.

Oh right, got gm_mount2 and addonisimo mixed up. My bad.

This would be amazing if it was accepted. But there is most likely some good reason for why the original idea was scrapped.

i like this idea

Wasn’t he working on a new addon system for GMod a while back? I recall him talking about it in his blog.


In that case I’m disappointed. Sure, it’s cool, but I’d rather have a redesign of the normal addon system.

I agree with this. I would love to see what could be done with the menu if we had open access to it.


Garry: Add it to the bug tracker

Besides, something like this on the bug tracker is highly likely to receive a single snarky comment and be closed, based on previous experience.

I’d rather some boring menu like it is, it gets the job done and I don’t look at it often.
Would you rather;

  1. Have a normal menu and have the game load normally
  2. Have some awesome looking menu with lazers and crap which takes the same time to load as it does to connect to a server.

You’re part of a minority.

2’nd :v:

…Then don’t install any menu mods?
That’s like saying if you download every addon from garrysmod.org gmod won’t start, so no one should have the ability to make addons.