Hey garry, whats the password to the new SVN?


Cant use that SVN, or any from beanstalkapp from that matter, it requires a password, care sharing to the world what the password is?

Send him a PM?

"care sharing to the world what the password is? "

please post the password

could it be “rusty bullet hole?”

jk, im sure there must have been some human error which will get sorted out soon, looks like you’ll have to wait it out :\

garry isn’t posting it, hes being a big doucher and making it private, aka making it 100 times harder for people to update there shit.

Maybe if you weren’t being such a tool and calling garry a douche he might share it over PM.
Or maybe he changed the password for a reason.
The reason being he doesn’t want you using it.

I already PMed him… He said its private. the only way to update through SVN is through steam.

When he wants to tell you he will.

Don’t you get it nuts for brains? Hes NOT going too. It’s private. He wants you to update through steam.

(User was banned for this post ("ass" - garry))

garry made it private because he doesn’t want us to know what is in the next update until it comes out.

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it’s his way of winning the “i don’t like that change” dick waving contest.

Lol… I think half of this forum is banned :smiley:

Dont really understand how to update TTT through steam, but I don’t think its necessary.
I find it more hard to find out how to add games to the fretta list on my server.

Aren’t the passwords generally anon/anon or anonsvn/anonsvn?

ill just stick with what ive got right now.
im grateful it works :smile: