"Hey, got a plan B?" "Uh... no?" - Two Bad Company guys pinned down behind a barricade

Was kicking some ass in BC2 with this Tampio guy - callsign Tsuhna - and then, like, half of the enemy team began a massive rush towards the concrete barricade we were taking cover behind. All was good until that asshole see-it-all UAV fucked our shit up with its laser-guided dick.


The camera angle failed yet again.

Before anyone asks, those are reskinned MW2 guys.

Aaaand it’s a scenebuild.



The effects are not meant to be realistic, they are meant to be authentic. And GMF stands for Garry’s Mod Finland, not Gold Members Forum. Also, that is supposed to be an MG3, not an MG42, and you deal with it.

I fucking love in-game lamps. If and when VALVe guys somehow fix the grainy shadows and fucked up shadows (fucked up in case you have more than three lamps on simultaneously), I’m going to love them even more. And for those of you who don’t use them: USE THEM. No-one likes static lighting.

Purple choppers lolololol

wow nice and I figured it was meant as an MG3

This is absolutely wonderful, good job!

Once again, loving the scenebuild Joazzz. I usually find it hard to believe you made some of these - they look too good. :buddy:
What do you use to create the snow on the ground by the way?

Rock props and the CS_Office snowman texture.

Love it.

that is fucking awesome

Dude I love this game.
Amazing screeny.

Creative use of the MW2 models. This gives me much pleasures.

I don’t think I want to hear more.


I am sad that there’s very few BFBC poses…
But anyway this is a very well made pose. But the player firing his rifle should have shells coming out of it’s ejection port. Very minor, as for the models they do resemble bfbc2 but their camouflage is wrong.

One of the better pictures I’ve seen in my small time here.

I like the camera angle :slight_smile:


I think you had the camera angle just fine.

Indeed pretty :3

Looks great Joazzz (Made sure to put the third damn Z)

Something similar happened to me and a friend in Reach after everyone but us on our team had left.

Reminds me of my paintball days… only there were no helicopters and the two inch thick concrete barrirer was a two centimeter thick wooden board.

Nice work. I like it all.

This is appealing to my eyes.