Hey guys, can't launch experimental

i have this odd error that comes up every time i try to launch the experimental version and i’ve yet to find a fix.
When i launch rust and click “try experimental” it immediately brings up an error and it says: "Rust launcher error: LoadingError - StartService failed (2)’ ? I can launch experimental just fine through the exe, but that doesn’t start the EAC so I can’t play using that. The regular legacy rust works perfectly fine. Any idea what I need to do to fix it?

legacy doesn’t use EAC. it would probably be that EAC isn’t running. is it being blocked by your antivirus?

No as far as i know it works just fine… it just wont even initialize the game or the EAC theres no prompts or errors or anything it just gives me that error and ya :frowning:

Error code 2 typically happens with heavily outdated antiviruses. Could you verify that your antivirus is up to date? What software are you using?

Avast I think. There any way to fully disable my AV’s for a short time so i can ensure its not AV’s interfering?

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Ahah… i went through avasts list of security features and disabled all of them for 10 minutes and tried to launch it and it came right up, so thats apparently the culprit! :slight_smile: