Hey guys, give MuchDifferent some love

When rust was down people went on their facebook to post bad messages.
But now that they fixed rust (On Holliday and weekend) maybe its time to do the oposite and show them some love?

Happy New Year Guys :slight_smile:

Uhhh… No.
They’re expected to have their shit together.

So it’s their fault, that idiots hack an alpha game? Would agree if would be a fully realeased game, but now?

Not at all related to the game being in alpha. It’s their fault that they left an exploit in their library.

… Opera user …

funny fact that i use firefox and win7, not win8 and opera…
but hey i’m sitting in germany, got an opinion to that? :smiley:

backt to the topic: stop crying around, they fixed the problem faster than other game-devs.
they keep the community up to date with trello and the official page. Its impossible to release a game in alpha without exploits…