"Hey guys, help me with this axe"

This is another practice pose

Guys, I think its stuck.”

EDIT Update with input from awesome people.

Feel free to give constructive criticism.

The blood effect looks kinda crap, but I really dig the splitting head.

Yeah, need to work on blood any suggestions as to how I can do better with that.

What you can do is experiment with different brushes and color palettes. Or if you already got the hang of that,all I can say is that you need to practice. Another alternative is to copy and paste from the internet.

Thank you for the help guys, I think I am going to do a few more blood tests before I start work on a comic I’m going to make.

Shoulda changed the color palette around, everything is puke-colored.

Its the original maps lighting, I think that the lighting gives a rather ugly image which kind of reminded me of the original Dawn of the Dead, but yes I agree it is not as good as it could have been with a better color palatte.