Hey Guys How Would I Get Started

Hey guys how would i get started mapping i know hammer but everytime i install SourceSDK it wont work for gmod i followed tutorials multiple really well but still nothing any suggestions guys? Thanks!

Instead of making a separate thread, I’ll ask here as well. I took a yearly brake from mapping and just came back. I downloaded episode 2 and Source SDK, only to be greeted by a lovely error message “The configuration information for the game you’re trying to edit is invalid or missing”, I heard it has something to do with the migration to steam pipe (no idea what this is). I did some quick goggling and tried this so far:

*-Reset game configurations,
-Refresh SDK Content,
-Verify integrity of tool cache,
-Verify integrity of game cache,
-Reinstalling both EP2 and Source SDK,
-Manually start hammer from the BIN folder, but that ended up loading just HL2 files. *

I’m out of ideas, so any help is much appreciated! And yes I did run Episode 2 before I tried loading it in Source SDK.

Source Multi-Tool

Thanks onebit :slight_smile:

Thanks OneBit, I tried it already but it fails to run, no error nothing.

Nexus you are extracting it with winrar right?

Yes, but I tried alternative programs to see if Winrar is the culprit. Results were always the same.

So is it the program try running as admin or compatibility mode.

I use Source Multi-tool and love it. Before that I was having to run Hammer directly from a game’s BIN folder. Usually HL2DM. Compile and test basics in HL2DM then move the BSP into the game It would be running in. SMT has made things quite a bit easier, but I still haven’t got it to launch Gmod and my map after compile, which I don’t think it’s supposed to anyways.

Welcome back to mapping! I took a few years off as well. Didn’t have time or patience to fix all the crap Valve kept breaking. But I’m back now! PS. The workshop is amazing.