Hey guys (:

Hey guys (:
Yesterday me and a mate started a new server on Rust.
Now we’re searching for some players who would like to play on it.
A few things about the server first:
-It’s a 50 Slot server
-PVP and Sleepers are on
-We`ve setted the amount of players for Airdrops on 5 players atm
-We’re planning some Events atm. For example-> Wood Shellters all over the map with supplies. Raid them: Get some nice stuff
-We will not tolerat any cheaters or hackers
So far. If you are interested just join on:
Or search for “[EU] Airdrops/Events/PVP/Sleepers on” in the server browser.
If you need some help or have some questions. Just ask Ingame for an Admin or add me on steam: MrWannabe
I’m looking forward to see you ingame guys (: