hey help!

pls help if anyone here is in fpsb pls help me join cause i already made a account before so i cant hve the same email address

… What


And you again?

and why the hell is this in Garry’s Mod discussion?

I agree completely with you.


He’s one of those people who thinks this is the only section.

You beat me to it :ragefist:
He isn’t a troll, he has bad English and thinks this is the only section of facepunch.
*(Just imagine when he clicks the ‘Home’ button and sees the rest of the page :dance:)

Why not make a new email address and use that for fpsbanana or is there a feature that lets you get your account back with just your username and email?

oh great fuck off sons of…! i really hate u so now look at my revenge!

What? Did you just call me a SON OF A DOT!? Youll regret that, boy.

I’m pretty sure this guy is using a translator…you know how on the papers and stuff of products made in China the English is barely** readable.**

Kinda like this?

Oh wow.


Shit, you put it in English?
manandspaniel, it looks like we have someone who can help us understand what the jizz you are saying :v:

But I can translate org too! :saddowns:

You can has a job too :slight_smile:


edit; LOL i’ve never seen that emote before


a job hmmmmmmmm… :smiley:







(User was permabanned for this post ("Spam" - Benji))