Hey, I have an idea for a type of SeriousRP.

Ok, my general idea is that there is a roleplay which doesn’t start out as “Post-Apocalyptic” or “FutureRP”
but stars as real life RP then some major event happens that would change the map and effect the storyline and effect the type of roleplaying you’re doing.

E.x. you start having a normal CityRP on rp_downtown_v2
A mad scientist makes a robot, that robot builds an army and enslaves the humens.
Map switches to rp_downtown_v3

Another E.x. on rp_evocity_v1 or v2d
A Dictator rises to power, causes a Nuclear War.
Map switches to rp_cscdessert*

*Please note this is just because of some major similarities in “Major” locations within each map that have extreme similarities. E.x. The mine is the EvoCave, The destroyed goverment bunker near the Gas Station is the Goverment Center, the Vault is the Secrect Lab, The town is the two houses near the cave, etc.

** EDIT **

Seriously, bad spelling ratings already?

Seriously, I think people are just giving out random bad spelling ratings now.

One word.

** No. **

It would take forever to Lua D:
Plus DMM, a whole crapload of models, and lots of headaches.
An advanced version of SimCity is pretty much what you are asking for.

Roleplay a nuclear war then just change the map? lol…

It’s just impossible man.

Well, the general idea is to use something like DarkRP simply because its really easy to set up. It wouldn’t be a gamemode, just a different type of roleplaying. I beleive the correct term for it would be “Storylined” but where your RP characters actually make up the story.Now before you go ahead and say “DarkRp sucks”, you just have to play on good servers (Osiris anyone?) and you don’t piss off the admins I think it would be fun to actually have a Mayor who could have an army and atually control shit instead of saying


And with this type of roleplaying, if a robot takeover happens you aren’t likely to keep your thousands of shipments. Same with a Nuclear Holocaust or the dictatorship that lead up to it. The location similarities are just so your character gets a sense (if he survived) of what truly happened, and maybe some admins could put objects in similar places if objects were well-protected and hidden.
E.x.: * The mayor orders for all of his armies’ weapons and vehicles to be put into the hospital area underneath the Goverment Center in rp_Evocity_v2d *
Then, if a nuclear war happens because of a RPcharacters action or something like it, they’re stilll there in similer places in that map.

By the way, I’m just getting these sencerios from different RP sessions on oSiRiS roleplay, which I’m a regualar on. Wait, pretend I didn’t say that, that may just take any respect you have or oSiRiS roleplay

I do not understand the comments that this would not be doable. Do you people not understand roleplay? There’s no “lua-ing” as BoingBoing puts it, to actually do. All of this could be done on vanilla sandbox roleplay.

All it would take is the player’s imaginations, so your biggest problem Peanut is going to be finding people who are a) not retarded, b) have half a brain and c) aren’t as negative as Schu and (sort of) Anthracite. Though I think Anthracite was more just stating it’s not a very practical idea, what with the amount of serious roleplayers in Garry’s Mod roleplaying seemingly dwindling every day.

I say go for it and do the best you can. Try and find a few people who are willing to give it a go as much as you are and just experiment if you need. You have all the time in the world, good roleplay shouldn’t be rushed.

It’s roleplay. Anything is possible people.

I’ve never had a server change maps before in gmod. Anywhoo, while your idea sounds food on paper, it most like won’t be anything like you expect it to because of poor (non scripted) acting and plain buffoonery by the human element. Nevertheless it would be great if done correctly, but that probably won’t be the case.

I have seen lots of servers change maps. On Starship Troopers RP, the map changes between 2 maps about 3 times a day. One a Passive RP ship and the other one which has a ground area in for Missions and large scale RP. The changes are Roleplayed seemlessly.

But back to the idea. The only doubts I have is that you would be able to build up a good base of RPers in a resonable amount of time, before starting the big event. The other thing is that I think that when the big event of the apocolypse comes, will you have a server to cater for a decent amount of people and cope with alot going on in it. You will also need a good team of responsible admins to make the passive roleplay and big events fun and well organised. And you will need alot of organised events to keep your population happy and stop people being bored and minging.

Well, I usually play on OsIrIs (Or oSiRiS, can’t remember right now), and we usually do something like this but the reason is just like “Oh look erm… __________ happened and now we’re here” just to entertain the mind but we never usualy put any more though into it than that.
I’ve actually asked OsIris (Once again, or oSiRis) about this but its really hard to explain something as complex as this would be over steam chat.

See above reply.

Well, I play on - Well, I think you guys get that by now, which is well-admined and I’m freinds with (most) of the superadmins, the owner, and I’m “Respected” with only never have met one of the superadmins. I started playing Gmod late 2008, and I actually started as a serious roleplayer. But, in a difference sense, as if a completely unbelievable event happened, lets say, Gummie Bears dress up as Nazis and take over the Earth, I would take my character’s role as a resistance member seriously even though the situation is completely unheard of (I also know that this specifiic situation is completley retarded, just to make an example.)

Why not do something like the show Jericho? An ordinary town, but the rest of the world is under nuclear war or something. You wouldn’t need to do a lot of map editing, just have this global event that’s happening elsewhere.

I wasn’t sayin ganything about map editing, more/less about a continuisly storylined roleplay that actually tells you what the hell is going on when you switch maps and theres a good reason for that.

Do not switch maps. It confuses the fuck out of new people and it’s just bothersome. If your map is detailed enough, though not so big to make it deserted, you wouldn’t need to change maps.

If you wanted a continuous storyline with locale changes, go play an RPG or MMO, or even FPS or something.

Whats wrong excactly with wanting a player’s actions to affect some sort of storyline of the RP?

The current storyline would probably be explained like the 7 hour war is in Half Life 2, vauge hints or propaganda about it every once in a while.

I’m not saying switch to a completely random map at random times, I’m saying switch to a somewhat related map after some big “event” happens because of a factions’, player’s, etc.s’ actions and has drastic changes on the RP genre your doing at the moment. E.x. Goverment gets into a nuclear war, switches to Post Apocolyptic, Robot takeover, switches to a kinda Futuristic-Dictatorship RP where there would be refugees, etc.

No…just no.

And why not?

You’re wrong. It would be flooded with Random death matching fools the first day. Not enough restriction. Also, yes I’m very negative, thank you.

You’ve never played on oSiRiS roleplay then.

A large group of friends told me it was absolutely terrible so I didn’t bother. So no I haven’t

I don’t think I’ve ever come close to a completely serious rp ever in Gmod. Good luck.