"Hey, I think I heard something"

“You’re always hearing things, Steve. Get back to work”


You know, this might be the first Minecraft themed screenshot that has ever been posted in this section. Correct me if I’m wrong

[sp] Steve actually did hear something, and it’s in the screenshot. See if you can spot it[/sp]

You’re wrong, but nice picture none the less, has that Minecraft Feel to it.

Heh, I like it. We need more Minecraft themed pics like this.

Thanks. I kinda thought this was the first since we rarely see minecraft screenshots now a days and I forgot that those existed before.

wow! This looks really intence!


Creeper, Right above the diamond cube to the right :D, But Steven saw the creeper first


And that’s the last thing Steve ever heard…

…Until he re-spawned and raged.