hey i wanna request the toribash ragdolls for gmod

someone can help me thanks

(User was permabanned for this post ("Once again spamming the same thread mulitple times in mulitple sections, can't learn from bans." - postal))

Would you like michael myers instead?

I made him so you would shut up

Get the fuck out.

just get the fuck out and go starve in a fucking ditch you cretinous fuck, I’m sick and tired of you spamming with your god awful cock sucking request threads. I really don’t care if my first ban is for ‘flaming’, I can’t handle the fucking pulsating, vibrant stupidity gleaming from every seam of this ‘man’.

go get rammed in the ass and QUIT

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming, saw it coming." - Ninja101))

We used to be optimistic about you learning your lesson from all of these spam requests. It’s kinda gone now…

Oh fuck, this is the kid who wouldn’t shut up about the L4D2 clown awhile back, isn’t it?

no that was map generation what are you talking about this is gm_ghosthunt not mapgeneration he said so himself even after linking the same steam accounts it’s not him

I’m just going to make the fairly optimistic assumption that this is a troll, congratulate gm_ghosthunt, and ask everyone to move on. nobody could be THIS stupid.

also when I added him he totally wasn’t under the name mapgeneration no siree

No he actually is, but to cut him some slack he really is like 11

I think there’s no need to be soo rude

There is plenty of ‘need’ to be ‘soo’ rude.

I mean he only asked about those models

He’s made 6 fucking threads asking for it, 7 for an older fucking request, 3 for the one before that and what, 1591392193 for one about a fucking silent hill nurse?

Don’t get me started on Jimmy Hopkins.

he’s asked a lot of times for a load of random models nobody would know how to get and he’s absurdly persistent. I mean, seriously. he’s got a freaking conviction; he wants those god damn models.

Yes i know he is really annoying but im only saying : there’s no need to be rude, he is just a kid

You don’t understand, any regular in the models and skins section knows the tale of mapgeneration, this kid’s alt. He created a giant shit storm and now he’s on this alt, requesting something on multiple threads in each subforum involving garry’s mod. Then he just tells anyone who posts too fuck off because we’re not helping him.

Yes i know the story about the nurses the minecraft the left4dead clowns and all that shit but i mean you guys can’t be bothering him everytime he make a new thread



And you know, what’s real sad is this IS just a repeat of an older thread of his, it’s like he’s just hucking the whole facpunch community to model for him, and’ll just keeping begging for more after, when in reality, he should just learn to do it himself.

Oh soo if i ask about a model i am bothering?